IBS-Provided Services for Acquired Pakistan Standard Mark Licenses to Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd

In a world driven by quality standards, obtaining the prestigious Pakistan Standard Mark (PSM) license is a significant milestone for any business. One company that understands the importance of this accreditation is Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd. This article explores the invaluable services provided by IBS to assist Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd in acquiring the coveted PSM license.

Understanding the IBS Advantage

Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd has embarked on a journey towards excellence by seeking the Pakistan Standard Mark license, and partnering with IBS is the first step in the right direction. IBS, or the Institute of Business Standards, is a renowned authority in the realm of quality assurance and standardization.

Streamlined Licensing Process

Navigating the complexities of acquiring a PSM license can be a daunting task. However, with IBS by their side, Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd can expect a streamlined and efficient licensing process. From document preparation to submission, IBS offers comprehensive support, ensuring that every step aligns with the stringent requirements set by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

The Range of IBS Services

1. Pre-License Consultation
IBS provides Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd with pre-license consultation services that encompass a thorough assessment of their existing processes and product quality. This preliminary evaluation is vital in identifying areas that require improvement to meet the stringent PSM standards.

2. Documentation Assistance
One of the critical elements in acquiring a PSM license is the preparation and submission of documentation. IBS’s experts assist Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd in compiling and organizing all necessary paperwork, ensuring compliance with PSQCA’s rigorous standards.

3. Quality Assurance Implementation
IBS doesn’t stop at mere paperwork; they help Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd implement quality assurance measures that align with PSM requirements. This includes setting up quality control mechanisms, testing protocols, and staff training programs to guarantee top-notch product quality.

4. Audit Support
PSQCA conducts stringent audits to ensure ongoing compliance with PSM standards. IBS provides Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd with continuous audit support, helping them maintain the high quality required for PSM certification.

Why Choose IBS?

IBS boasts a team of experts with a deep understanding of PSM requirements, making them the ideal partner for Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd.

IBS’s systematic approach ensures a swift and efficient licensing process, reducing downtime for Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd.

Ongoing Support:
With IBS, the partnership doesn’t end with obtaining the license. They provide ongoing support to ensure Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd’s continued compliance.

Peace of Mind:
By choosing IBS, Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd can focus on their core business while experts handle the intricacies of PSM licensing.


Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd’s quest for the Pakistan Standard Mark license is greatly facilitated by partnering with IBS. With their expert guidance, streamlined processes, and ongoing support, Infinity Paint Pvt Ltd is on the path to achieving excellence in product quality and gaining a competitive edge in the market. Choose IBS, and unlock the doors to quality assurance and success.